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We are neighbours! We can help each other! 

We need to be careful and we need to be safe, but we also need the courage to help each other. Come join us as we learn how with!

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A note from Interfaith Housing: Please be patient with us as we work to translate these resources into the Cree language. We are only able to provide video resources in Cree at this time and the rest provided here are in English. Please know that getting all our resources translated is important to us and we are working to secure partnerships and funding to ensure this is accomplished.

The Safe Helping Guide

There are ways we can safely help people who are not part of our safety circle or cohort, as long as we are careful.  Here are a few basic points to help us help each other safely.

The Safe Food Sharing Guide

This resource pulls together advice from Alberta Provincial and Health Services guidelines that are recommended to restaurants, caterers and professional cleaners in order to provide a safe way to do together what people across the whole world love to do:  Share Food!

Ideas for Safe Connection and Celebration

Covid-19 is a very infectious disease that spreads quickly.  But with a little creativity and care, we can safely gather with people who are not part of our safety circle or cohort. 

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“We miss sharing food and sharing life with friends, family and neighbours. helps us do that again!

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